Success assessment

Bull Bear Forex measures the success of its signals by its directional success rate, i.e. in how many cases of all trade recommendations the price went into the suggested direction on each day.

Whether our analysis was a success is mostly based on the assessment until 1 p.m. London time.
When our trade recommendation has been successful, the forecast is closed at that time.

In case a signal has not been successful yet or lacked movement, but the stop has also not been triggered yet, we usually extend the validity of the signal until 4 p.m. London time.

Possible real-time updates overrule this practice.

Success rate

Our overall average directional success rate for our daily and weekly calls across all asset classes was 78% in 2020 and 75% in 2021 as well as 2022.
Note that to achieve this, we never use a negative reward : risk ratio.

The yearly outperformers of all individual instruments reach on average 85%, while monthly they, at times, surpass clearly the 90% or, in some cases, even go up to the 100% level.

The yearly underperformers go down to around 65% on average, while monthly they can be at around 60% at times.

Fake results

Do not get blinded by fake performance results of certain companies advertising overall 95-100% successful trades that are often shown by some signal providers in some impressive-looking spreadsheet tables.

Over the long term, such figures are simply unrealistic to impossible.

They are either fraudulently made-up altogether or the losses are deliberately left out / hidden, or their system is based on destructive, suicidal methods such as Martingale, or they work with highly negative reward : risk ratios where their stop losses are way higher than their take profits, in order to make it appear as if they win all the time, while of course first it can and will lead anytime to massive drawdowns and ultimately to a total loss of all funds, thereby putting your hard-earned capital at serious risk.

Bull Bear Forex, on the contrary, only provides actual figures matching the reality, leaving customers with a clear idea what they can expect.