Market Scanner

As a special product, we have developed a unique real-time market scanner dashboard, nowhere else available!

This dashboard consists of around 5.5 million cells!

It scans a huge amount of markets, i.e. 152 in total, for an incredible number of technical trading signals, all selected, worked out and refined by us.

It enables you to see all technical signals available in almost real-time; updated at every new 5 minutes candle close, 24/5 every week.

No matter what your favorite indicators and moving averages are; our dashboard has them.

The price data is extracted from a huge number of Metatrader 4’s on our servers, from a variety of trusted, selected brokers.

The product is not an MT4 dashboard that you have to upload in MT4 like other dashboards, but rather it is accessible on this website through your internet browser.

Ideal to scan all markets and timeframes and discover trends to hop on, a wide range of indicator signals such as zero-line crossovers, signal line crossovers, divergences, oversold/overbought, rising/falling conditions etc., as well as low volatility market conditions = price squeezes, perfectly preparing you for strong breakouts.

All tabs have summary columns where signals are added up.

Each column shows, along with the signal, the age of each signal by calculating how many candles ago that signal came up.

In addition, each column is sortable, enabling you to see immediately which symbols and timeframes have the most, most convincing and most recent signals.

You also get an Excel sheet with full documentation including settings and formulas of all signals.

With one monthly successful trade alone, the subscription price is easily already paid back.

This dashboard gives so much information – another great tool in your trading toolbox that you should not miss.

Note, however, that due to the immense data size, a fast internet connection might be required for best performance.

Market Scanner
per month
  • 5,500,000 Cells in Total
  • 2,085,440 Moving Average Signals
  • 111,720 Technical Indicator Signals
  • 10,640 Volatility Signals
  • 1,064 Rows
  • 21 Tabs
  • 7 Timeframes
  • 152 Symbols
  • 152 Weekend Gaps

Our dashboard in numbers

  • 5,500,000 cells in total

  • 21 tabs

  • 7 timeframes = M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1

  • 152 Symbols

    Precious Metals
    Equity Indices
    Fixed Income
  • 1,064 rows

  • Moving Averages

    Types of moving averages
    Moving averages in 6 periods = 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200
    Moving average signals per symbol per timeframe
    Moving averages signals per symbol
    Moving average signals in total
  • Technical Indicators

    Technical Indicators
    Technical Indicator Signals per Symbol per Timeframe
    Technical Indicator Signals per symbol
    Technical Indicator Signals in Total
  • Volatility Indicators

    Types of Volatility Indicators
    Volatility Signals per Symbol per Timeframe
    Volatility Signals per Symbol
    Volatility Signals in total
  • 152 Weekend Gaps per week

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to access this unique trading market scanner dashboard!