by Jarratt Davis


The FINANCIAL SOURCE Terminal – the final tool to take your trading to the highest professional level!

Perfectly complementing our signal service, or even suitable as a stand-alone product, it is the top real-time news feed and live squawk terminal available!

A must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of market sentiment, fundamental analysis and news trading!


BULL BEAR FOREX is proud to have partnered with London-based FINANCIAL SOURCE, founded in 2018 by former FCA regulated investment manager, Jarratt Davis.

While running his FX managed account program, Jarratt was ranked as the second-best performing manager in his category by the Barclay Hedge Currency Traders Index.
After retiring from professional trading in 2018, Jarratt launched Forex Source, as it was formerly called.

The purpose of the product is to help traders understand and predict markets with fundamental analysis by adopting a professional trading approach.


All features are housed inside the Financial Source Terminal.
It consists of a 24-hour FX market commentary via text, audio and video feed.

The site contains a sentiment stream with all-you-need-to-know real-time news from the world’s most renowned newswires, including daily market opening news and wraps.
Time-sensitive news are squawked out by their analysts instantly as they happen.

Further, all updates from the major Central Banks, in-house based trade ideas based on fundamentals and sentiment, select institutional trades, market insights with the daily sentiment drivers and tradable sentiment shifts, as well as video commentary.

In addition, weekly analysis reports containing top trading opportunities, fundamental drivers and COT Report, plus Central Bank analysis with Hawks & Doves Cheat Sheet, Fundamental Currency Strength and Interest Rate Probability Tracker.

Every significant market moving news is interpreted by their team of analysts who are focused on helping traders identify actionable trade ideas from the prevailing market sentiment and long-term fundamentals.

Live analysis webinars and a library with past videos acting also as educational resource complete the terminal.

The variety of features, presented in world-class style, makes FINANCIAL SOURCE stand out from its competitors.
In addition, always new amazing features are added over time to make the terminal even greater.

Our partnership with FINANCIAL SOURCE is testament to our shared commitment to taking retail traders to the professional level.

Cost & Special Offer

Normally, a monthly subscription costs USD 247.

But thanks to our partnership, you can access FINANCIAL SOURCE now through the following link for only USD 149 per month at a huge 40% discount!

Don’t miss this opportunity and get this amazing value for money now!