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All you need to know about us and why you should use our services.


Bull Bear Forex is registered as trading signals provider with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany.

We are physically located in Bad Reichenhall near Munich, Germany.


Our mission is to take your trading to the next level and make you consistently profitable in order to achieve your trading/professional goals and maybe even life goals.

If you are already a professional trader but want either additional confidence or enhance your results / increase profits, or just outsource your analysis, you are in the right place.
In case you are on the edge of becoming a full-time independent trader, our service might be what it takes to achieve just that.
Or in case you are just starting your trading journey or struggling to achieve positive results, our analysis will give you everything to place your trades with confidence and be profitable from day one.

We strive to provide the best signals possible almost around the clock and put in all effort to achieve great and consistent results for every single customer.

What makes us unique

We put emphasis on quality over quantity. At the same time, we offer a wide range of trading instruments to freely choose from.

We value every single customer as the most important one and prefer to have few happy customers over many unhappy ones.

We are always fair and our work ethic is second to none. Our market analysis is independent and hence totally free from outside influences.

Why we offer our analysis

Most fundamental analysis and market commentary available is based on macroeconomic developments and is thus longer-term, expressed in general, unspecific viewpoints and phrases.
On the other hand, the internet is full of technical analysis, however mostly from sources who don’t have the ability to prove consistency or trustworthiness.

The available information lacks anything detailed that a trader can actually use to transform it into specific trades. 
Even if it is right in the end, and often it is not, the short-term fluctuations in between can cause drawdowns to your trading account that it cannot withstand.

Further, due to the much higher trade frequency of day-trading, it is the most profitable form of trading, although it requires the most effort and dedication.
Thereby, you can outperform managed accounts or copy trading services.

For that reason, having trusted information allowing you to make effective trading decisions in the short term is key.
This is where Bull Bear Forex kicks in.

What we provide

We provide professional, institutional-grade, high-quality, actionable real-time premium trading signals and analysis for day-traders that stand by their motto: ART – Accurate, Reliable, Trustworthy.

We offer non-mainstream ideas and bespoke analysis that is not available to the general public.
Rather, until not long ago, it was available only to institutions, hedge funds and the like, while now we offer this very same analysis to retail traders at extremely low prices.

Our signals have a consistent and objective methodology, requiring no further interpretations, but at the same time leaving enough room to freely integrate them into your own trading strategy and apply them in several ways to suit your personality and style.

Our daily signals are, as the name suggests, short-term in nature, and aimed at active day-traders.
The weekly calls are also for traders who don’t want to or can’t be that active every day.

Our portfolio contains 28 trading instruments from 4 different types of markets (Forex, Commodities, Equity Indices, Fixed Income) with daily and weekly direction, including entry, stop and target levels/areas, which are all based on the current key support and resistance levels/areas to trade from, which are also provided, thereby giving you a decisive edge.

Each recommendation contains all that is required to manage specific trades, maximize the profit potential and minimize the losses.
Further, every Monday, we provide general trend analysis for another 25 instruments from 6 types of markets with direction and target levels for the next days.

We allow you to freely choose the symbols you want to receive analysis for, so you are not restricted to any type of market, but can compile a mixed portfolio, as per your liking.

In addition, completely independent from our signal service, we have developed a great market scanner dashboard that you can also subscribe to.
Please check out the details here.

  • How we do it

    At Bull Bear Forex, we are permanently monitoring the markets from early morning through late evening Central European Time.

    We send subsequent real-time updates of any trade calls made in the morning, as and when necessary.
    These further refine our original calls as the market evolves.

    We offer ongoing analysis as the week unfolds.
    This is a decisive advantage as changes in the markets are considered and trades adjusted accordingly, to achieve the best results possible.

  • When and how we provide analysis

    Daily trade ideas are published from Sunday/Monday to Friday, sent out at between around 5 to 9 a.m. London time, depending on the instruments subscribed for.

    Our Monday call is mostly valid for the entire week as a longer-term call.

    We publish our signals plus possible live updates inside the member’s section on our website.
    Notifications are sent by email about every new post, while updates can be viewed in the email without the need to log in.

  • Why technical analysis

    Technical analysis / price action is the key tool used by traders to make short-term market forecasts.
    This is also the reason why it works – because it is used by so many: institutions, banks, hedge funds, prop firms, retail traders.

    Technical analysis / price action reflects human emotions: patterns repeat themselves.
    Only you need to know when to apply which criteria and when not to.

    However, we also regard economic news, fundamental and sentimental factors.

  • What makes us qualified

    The experience of many years of market analysis and having seen every type of market condition allows us to identify accurate, consistent, reliable and trustworthy trade ideas, putting them together in a compact, clear and concise manner.

    The combination of all technical analysis / price action tools we use, paired with the experience and our passion to achieve only the best, makes us unique.

  • Analysis usage

    Our signals are both useful to the seasoned professional who wants to use them in various ways, as well as less experienced traders who maybe choose to take the trades as they are and educate themselves along the way.

    The times where expert analysis was only for institutions, banks and prop trading firms is over.

Why you should use our reports

As a trader, you have a multitude of roles.
You are at the same time analyst, risk manager, trader and business CEO.
This can create a heavy burden where one could lose focus easily.

Therefore, professionals often outsource their analysis, the hard part of trading, in order to focus on their core role as traders, and our signals will help you to execute your trades with much more confidence.

Operating in the unlimited trading environment with no rules, apart from the self-imposed ones, often causes issues with traders who operate out of impulse, due to the lack of structure, such as cutting profits short, revenge trading, widen stop losses and the like.

Making your trading more systematic with our signals can be a big help in overcoming these psychological issues.
If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, trading is basically a form of gambling with only two possible outcomes – up or down.

Consider that break even trades can also accumulate to an overall loss, when taking into account the broker commission and possible swap fees.
The market is unpredictable, and no one knows with certainty where price will go or be at any given time.

However, we can apply methods that have been tested over time and are proven to work, in order to get an edge in the markets.
Our analysis takes away the element of gambling and provides a high level of confidence, which can make you let much more rational decisions than if you would be only by yourself.

Free yourself from any mental constraints that limit your performance, and use the advantages available to you.
Outsource your analysis today – your trading will never be the same – for the better.

Our methodology

Usually, our analysis specializes on and is optimized for capturing the first move during the London morning session, if there is a clear enough bias, as this is a time of the day where the probability of success is the highest.
Otherwise, reached or broken key levels decide about entries.

Reason for this is that London is the world’s center for currency trading and, alongside New York, the financial markets in general.

When London starts, along with the other European centers like Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris, there is, compared to the usually stable and much more quiet Asian session, a decisive rise in liquidity, transactions and large corporate flows that fuel the trendy price moves that happen at or near the start of London.
It is hence an advantage to attempt catching this dynamic of the first move.

Our model is short-term trend / momentum-based.

We consider the sentiment of the day and identify, in a top-down fashion, among others, the background conditions that create a positive expectancy, such as any oversold/overbought readings, all key support and resistance levels and possible risks that would invalidate our assessment.

The result of our analysis is then sent to our customers a while before the London 7 a.m. open.
Since this methodology is very specific, it allows us also to easily measure the hit rate.

We take into account also economic news, fundamentals and sentiment as well as integrate intermarket and correlation analysis.
Knowing what is being released and when and what the potential implications will be is key.
Economic factors, such as interest rates, inflation and other key figures, have decisive influence on the markets.

This business may appear simple at first, but when you dive deeper, a more and more complex world unfolds.
Bull Bear Forex is there to make this complexity sound simple, expressed in an easy to understand language.

How we differ from most competitors

Be aware that many signal services are no real human market analysts.
Rather, their signals are generated automatically by trading robots, for some weird reason also called “expert advisors” (EA’s), which in most cases are programmed by non-professionals who have no idea of the true market dynamics.

Contrary to that, our signals are created and managed manually by humans.

Many signal providers are operating from unregulated countries, where they let sign up as many subscribers as possible and collect as many fees as they can, and once they run into trouble, they simply shut down their website and eventually reopen under a new name.
These fraudsters bring a bad image to the industry, but, unfortunately, they exist.

There are many signal services out there who promise the world but don’t deliver on their promises, causing frustration, disappointment and a waste of time, effort and money.

At Bull Bear Forex, we believe there is a better way to make a difference.
A more valuable, honest, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought.

We are obsessively passionate about what we do, and our mission is to help people achieve their trading goals.
We don’t ever use any destructive or fraudulent strategies such as Martingale or negative reward : risk ratios that would wipe out your account sooner or later.

Think about it: When someone advertises an overall 90-100% win rate, it can only be achieved by being totally made-up, or by unsustainable strategies, like Martingale or where the stop loss is way larger than the take profit level.

And trust us, that single, inevitable loss will come, putting your account at serious risk.
If you are around in the markets long enough, you have seen it all.

We, on the other hand, concentrate and lay all our focus on one thing only: professional market analysis, in order to give you the best value possible.
Notice that our website is entirely free from advertisements, where again the aforementioned focus comes into play.

We are therefore convinced to be the top signal service available.

We are independent

We are not affiliated with any broker, unlike certain other signal services which ask or recommend to open an account with particular brokers at some point, often not the best or even untrustworthy ones with a history of dubious client cases, in order to get commission from them, where they earn more the more trades you make and the higher your transaction costs are, no matter if you win or lose.

Some providers even offer free signals, and if you ever wondered, this is how they make their money.

That’s a common strategy, and also, by the way, among some fraudulent money managers, who take as many trades as possible with high volume, without caring if they win or lose, since they have a deal with a broker and earn high commission from them, so they win anyway.
Traders who trusted such fraudsters were often left with blown-up accounts.

In case you require a broker recommendation from us, feel free to contact us, mentioning your personal circumstances and the things that are most important to you, and we will provide a short list of trustworthy brokers with a generally flawless client history, low spreads etc.
Actually, we have spent several months of in-depth research on this topic and came up with a clear idea about who is good and who is not.

We repeat that despite we will recommend brokers to you on an individual basis, we will not receive any commission from any of them.
It is just a help from us to shorten your own research, which would otherwise take a lot of effort and time and could still lead to wrong choices.

Do not trust the broker comparisons and recommendations on the internet, since they mostly consider only a few and even worse, all earn commission from the brokers and they don’t care whom they recommend.
Several of them are outright fraud brokers.

Why manual signals are better

Apart from giving you the freedom to use the signals in the way you like, a further advantage compared to copying trades directly is that you retain full control of all elements of your overall trading strategy, including your position sizing, which is critical.

If you give up these elements, you give up much of the power of your trading and become merely a robot yourself.

There is no one-fits-all, since everyone has a different objective, approach, experience and risk appetite.

Learn from us

If you want to get an educational touch out of the signals, we recommend that you study the charts along with our analysis on a daily basis and try to understand why certain levels have significance and why a certain direction has been forecasted.

Over time, you will more and more understand how and why we arrive at our trade ideas and dive slowly into the expert’s thought processes and methods.

If, on the other hand, you would follow some robot, you will not learn anything and have no clue why certain trades have been suggested, since robots just don’t have the capabilities of a human and are programmed only on the basis of purely mechanical signals, thereby leaving you with little confidence to execute them yourself.

For newbies, at first our calls may be slightly overwhelming due to the number of figures provided, but since we publish them always in the shortest and clearest manner possible, after a while you will understand them better and finally, they will become second nature.

Meet the founder and CEO

Mario has an economic background.

Over the years of trading and analyzing, he developed a passion for and collected formidable knowledge of the financial markets, also thanks to his extensive studies and research in this field.

His focus always laid on Forex, but over time he diversified his portfolio and added further markets.

Hearing and reading every day the very vague market forecasts in the economic news made him feel frustrated, because none of these reports was specific enough to provide traders with tradeable ideas that could be transformed into actual trades.

This finally led to the idea to provide this service to the public, so that everyone can gain from his knowledge and unique feel for the markets.

He has put incredible effort into this service to make it a success and to help customers achieve their goals, whatever they may be.
His striving for perfection is second to none.