Frequently Asked Questions

This section only covers questions that are not covered in our other sections; please read these carefully first.

In case you have any questions beyond the points raised on our website, feel free to contact us here.

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  • Q: What do I get exactly when subscribing?

    We provide daily in-depth analysis with entries, stops, targets and key levels from Monday-Friday for 27 instruments from 4 types of markets (Tuesday-Friday are “daily” signals, while the Monday analysis is for the entire week), plus general trend direction and targets every Monday for 27 instruments from 6 types of markets.

    For details, please see our “Market Coverage” page.

    You will receive the signals for the symbols you subscribed for.

  • Q: How is the analysis / are the signals delivered?

    All analysis is / signals are published within your membership section.
    Email notifications are sent out about each new post.
    The real-time updates are sent out by email without the need to log in.

  • Q: How long is the average duration of the trades?

    From a few hours up to one business day.

    For details, please see the relevant parts in our “About Us” and “Reports Guide” sections.

  • Q: When will I receive the analysis?

    Daily, Sunday afternoon or Monday, to Friday at around between 5 to 9 a.m. London time, depending on the instruments subscribed for.

  • Q: How should I use your analysis and what do the wordings mean?

    Please see our “Reports Guide” section.

  • Q: Which methodology do you use for your analysis?

    Please see the relevant part in our “About Us” section.

  • Q: How many / which instruments should I trade?

    You are free to choose the symbols within the chosen subscription tier.

    We advise you to not restrict yourself too much, but be open to as many markets as possible and diversify your portfolio.
    More instruments mean more trading opportunities to choose from.

    For further details, please see also the relevant part in our “Trading Guidelines” section.

  • Q: When do I start receiving signals?

    Once you have subscribed to our Free Trial. Thereafter, you will continue receiving signals if you don’t cancel and the first subscription fee is paid.

  • Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time in the member’s area under “Subscription Settings”.
    You will continue receiving signals until your canceled subscription expires.

    You will not be charged any further amounts once canceled.
    Note that you have to cancel before the next recurring payment is due to not get billed for another month.

  • Q: How much return on investment can I expect?

    Since you are responsible for executing the signals yourself and choose your own position sizing strategy and since everyone has different abilities and uses the analysis in various ways, it will depend on all these factors.

  • Q: Is there a free trial?

    Yes, you will get a 7 days free trial without obligation with full, unrestricted access to the chosen service.
    Should you not cancel within these 7 days, you will be charged the first subscription amount.

    When making your assessment, keep in mind that short-term results may fluctuate around the mean to the up- or downside, so note our long-term performance.
    Use the trial to get used to the signals and decide if they fit your trading style and personality.

  • Q: Is there any minimum membership period?

    Yes, one month, after the free trial ended.

  • Q: How do I get billed?

    Each recurring subscription is billed monthly starting from the date following the expiry of the 7 days free trial and thereafter always on the same date of the succeeding months.

  • Q: Is there any discount if you pay annually?

    Yes, you can select an annual payment option, which offers a handsome discount.

  • Q: Which currency is the subscription charged in?

    All is charged in Euro (EUR).
    For information purposes, you can select another major currency to see the approximate amount in it.

  • Q: Which payment options do you offer?

    We offer several payment options, such as Paypal, Credit Card (Visa + Mastercard).

  • Q: What is your refund policy?

    Refunds are offered only for annual subscriptions when the request is made within 7 days after joining.
    The amount refunded will be the annual fee minus a one month’s regular fee.

    There are no refunds for monthly subscriptions and the market scanner.

  • Q: Can I upgrade or change my subscription after signing up?

    Yes, you can upgrade or shift at any time, either from a monthly to a yearly subscription, or to a different tier.
    Downgraded subscriptions become valid after the prior period has expired.

    You can also change the selected instruments at any time in the member’s section.

  • Q: Am I allowed to share the signals with other traders or friends?

    No, unfortunately not, since this would undermine our services.

    Rather, take the opportunity and refer us to other people by joining our affiliate program here to earn some extra money.

  • Q: Do I need to open an account with a preferred broker?

    No, we will never ask you to open an account, since we have no affiliation with any broker.
    The broker(s) you use is solely your own choice.

    In case you require a recommendation, please contact us with your personal circumstances and what you put emphasis on, and we will send you a shortlist of trusted brokers that match your requirements.

    Do not trust the broker comparisons and recommendations in the internet, since they all earn commissions from the brokers and they don’t care whom they recommend.

  • Q: Which trading platform do I need to or should I use?

    You are free to use any platform available.

    MT4, MT5, cTrader, you name it.

  • Q: What if I don’t receive emails?

    Ensure that you entered the correct email address under “Manage your account”.
    If yes, check your spam folder and white-list our domain.

    Otherwise, please contact us.

  • Q: Why don’t you offer automatic copy trades instead of manual signals?

    Please see the relevant part in our “About Us” section.

  • Q: Do you also offer trading education?

    No, because we fully concentrate on our core business which is market analysis.

    We assume and advise that subscribers have already at least basic knowledge of the financial markets to be able to transform our signals into profitable trades.

    If you need further education, we advise that you study good trading books and use the variety of internet information.

    As you can imagine, the better your prior knowledge and the more experience you have, probably the better the final outcome will be.

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