Affiliate Program

Why do we offer that?

Since we know of the value our service provides to people, we would be happy to share it with a wider audience, to help even more people to achieve their trading goals.

Your opportunity

Therefore, in addition to our trading signals and market scanner, our affiliate program offers you the unique opportunity to diversify your income sources even further and secure a PASSIVE MONTHLY income!

This is great option to get an extra income, complementing your trading profits and/or your day-job.

How does it work?

How it works is in fact very simple.

If you are happy with our analysis service and/or market scanner, just recommend us by sharing your personal referral link, best by adding some personal words of recommendation.

You can share it through your website, an ad, a Facebook post, on your Twitter account, on your blog, in trading forums etc.

How much can you earn?

For every new customer that signs up to our service through your affiliate link, you will earn a respectable 20% MONTHLY commission on the individual subscription fee amount as long as that customer remains a member.

Since trading is a worldwide business without borders, the income can quickly add up, if you are very active with your campaigns.

Pay-outs will be made by Paypal or bank transfer.

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